POLICE PAY DURING ROMAN EMPIRE FIRST POLICE AND FIREDEPARTMENT CREATED BY EMPEROR AUGUSTUS  ON 6 d. La paga annua dei vigili, che ammontava a 150 denari al tempo di Augusto, fu portata a 200 denari nel I secolo, a 300 nel II secolo, a 450 nel III secolo. I Poliziotti albanesi  hanno lo stipendio 40000 eur in usd piu’ basso rispetto ai  paesi vicini come la  Bosnia-Erzegovina,  il Kosovo,  la Macedonia e Montenegro. In questi  paesi, un ispettore di polizia  guadagnano uno stipendio mensile di 380 eur, 478,65, 697,95 .

At the same time they plan to demote several higher-paying positions, a move that would affect some 2,800 policemen and women. The head of the union Dubravko Jagic says it was shameful for the government to try to save money on its police forces, daily Jutarnji List writes. And while some 610 customs agents will see an increase in their supplements for specific conditions at work, police officers have been refused the coefficient raise, Jagic says. The police officers plan to go on a strike if their demands are not met, the daily writes. In addition to poor working conditions, Bulgarian policemen also complain of low pay. Irlanda  Garda Siochana: Il salario parte  da 1.