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Description of the types of accommodation and features of the Home. Call us for fast help to get back on the road. Prompt response times and friendly people! Marietta GA You’ve probably seen our bright red Marietta towing, wrecker and roadside assistance vehicles helping people on local streets, parking lots, I-575, I-75 and I-285.

Commercial towing customers hire us because we respond quickly and they enjoy working with friendly, competent professionals. Our Tow Trucks The type of tow truck that transports your vehicle should matter to you. Tow trucks such as flat bed tow trucks are designed to make car, light trucks or motorcyle towing much easier. There are generally three types of tow trucks used in the United States. Flatbed Tow Truck The flatbed tow truck, also called a rollback tow truck, utilizes a heavy duty flat deck to safely transport vehicles.

Flatbed towing is the preferred manner for most towing in Marietta GA. The deck is tilted backwards to create a loading ramp, the disabled vehicle is then gently pulled forward onto the ramp and the ramp is slowly lowered to a level position. The disabled vehicle comes to rest on all four tires meaning there is no unusual stress on the cars mechanical systems as the car is transported. Flatbed towing offers a damage free way to move your car, light truck or motorcycle. A wheel lift tow truck is especially useful for tow jobs with tight access to the disable vehicle. Wheel lift tow trucks are also equipped with powerful winches that can pull cars from ditches, slopes or other common places where vehicles become stuck.

We typically use wheel lift tow trucks for specialty towing such as low clearance towing and vehicle recovery calls. Impounded Vehicle Recovery How to claim your car that has been towed. If your vehicle has been towed please call 770-650-1413 to arrange for pickup. For more information please see our page on Vehicle Claim Procedure. HOURS TO GET YOUR CAR Monday-Saturday 9:00 a. Please forward this error screen to 78.