Jeux de Poker en ligne, rapides et amusants, du 1 au 16 ! Des milliers de jeux gratuits Flash, HTML5, Unity, Shockwave et Java. Les jeux de poker en ligne vont vous permettre de jouer à différents types de poker : le Texas hold’em, le Double hold’em, l’Omaha, l’Irish et bien d’let it ride poker encore. Vous allez affronter différents adversaires, dont certains de très haut niveau.

Ils vont bluffer et refuser de vous révéler la moindre information sur ce qu’ils ont dans leur jeu. C’est en bluffant vous aussi et en analysant leur comportement que vous pourrez peut-être comprendre la manière dont ils jouent. Tout n’est qu’apparence au poker, et vous aller en jouer si vous voulez tirer votre épingle du jeu. Parmi les jeux de poker, on s’attardera notamment sur les fameux Governor of Poker et Governor of Poker 2. How to maximise value and minimise losses.

Includes bet sizing and hand planning strategy. 4betting and how to play on flops with an Ace. Lots of different scenarios and strategy for playing against 3bets. 25NL with a focus on playing premium hands like AA, KK and AK, along with other broadway hands and pocket pairs. 50NL where Hero 3bets and Villain either 4bets or calls and Hero has to play postflop in a 3bet pot. This video makes good use of HUD stats when it comes to determining optimal lines. TPGK, and getting min check-raised with pocket aces on the flop.

There are 9 FR NLHE hand histories replayed and analysed in total. How much to bet, when to steal, how to react to resteals, and how to play postflop when your steal gets called. Find out when and how to use the bluff squeeze effectively in various preflop situations. Eight hand histories with a focus on hand planning, bet sizing and pot geometry for maximizing value with strong hands. Find out what the biggest leaks are in your blind play and how to plug them. This video also covers the 3 reasons for betting in NLHE.

Find out which stats are the most useful and how they can help you make better decisions against your opponents in online poker. It’s a bit like a mini «well» thread as found on 2p2. Welcome to my upteenth attempt at writing a biography. I should preface this by saying that I hate writing about myself as I don’t enjoy braggadocios writing styles in general.