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A great many fun facts about pennies. We focus you through counting a few quarters. A starter sheet from the ground level. Time to see if they get it. Let’s test your ability to count coins. This is some what of a multiple choice activity.

We move on to five cent pieces. Just total the values and then compare them. Getting you ready for the store. Find the totals of the ten cent pieces. Your given a value and the number of coins to use. Match the values over 2 columns. Find the currency related words in the puzzle.

See the coins compare the sums. Using Vocabulary in the content area. Circle the coins that are equal to the price. Another simple count with a twist. Act like you are at the register. Word Problems With Money Solve the Word Problems! Common problems they would run into everyday.

Involves gross sales of real movies. What are 5 Worth To You? New Outdoor Projects Brand new plans just released for a Party Bucket Stand and a Counter Height Outdoor Table. HOW TO: Wood Pretend Play Lemonade Cart for Preschoolers! Lemonade, Market, Post Office, Theater, Bakery and More!